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Don’t get me wrong. Genshiken is not a manga that non-otaku can pick up and immediately fall in love with. It isn’t meant for people who can’t laugh at their own nerdiness, either. So what exactly is this little 9-volume series for?
Nerds, plain and simple. It’s the only answer. Who but a nerd would want to read ALL ABOUT NERDS? Doing nerdy things and saying nerdy words (ooh, that rhymes!)?
Yup. Nerds.
Now that I have got that “nerd” overload outta my system… basically, Genshiken is about a confused college freshman with about 0.2% of a life. Yes, ladies and gents, meet Kanji Sasahara, who’s looking for a club to join as the new year begins. His choice? The “Genshiken,” aka the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, which consists of about three people. (Of course, he could have just joined the much bigger and better-funded Anime or Manga clubs, but where’s the fun in that?)
Another new member of the Genshiken is Kousaka, who’s even more of a geek than Kanji yes, it is actually possible and his friend/kinda girlfriend Saki, who is dragged along and hates EVERY SECOND OF IT.

Basically: this manga is hilarious if, like me, you are a high school/college aged otaku who doesn’t mind laughing at themselves.  The characters are actually very real, and every otaku can find something that they relate to.  (Oguie’s shame about her fangirlishness made me go, “Whoa, that’s me!”)  And… okay, it can get a leetle bit… 16+ at times (well, it does have a rating on it!) but honestly, that’s just how real college students act.  Get used to it.  And get ready to laugh your butt off! (No, I’m not quoting that Nerima Daikon Brothers preview)

EDIT: By the way, I took a quiz about Genshiken.  Apparently I’m most like Ohno-san.

… Success!!!  I was scared they’d say I was Madarame-kun.


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