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“On an overcast Saturday afternoon at the spacious new Phantom of the Attic in Oakland, two young girls chatted happily as they approached the counter. Zoe Taeger, 13, of Morningside and Katie Davidson, 14, of Troy Hill found what they were looking for. Davidson was about to become the proud owner of the latest installment of Tite Kubo’s “Bleach,” an ongoing Japanese graphic novel about a teenager who sees ghosts.”

Actually, it wasn’t the latest installment, it was only volume twenty.  Still, you can read the rest of the article at

I feel loved ^^


In other news, here’s my anime-watching progress:

 + got bored after watching 2.5 eps of .hack//SIGN

 + finished watching ROD the TV, which didn’t measure up to the OVA’s brilliance but was still entertaining

 + reached episode 10 of Trigun, and only loves Vash more.

That’s all for now!  Thanks for reading my blog, y’all.

-Kate (Madame Otaku)


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