Neo-Shonen and Yaoi Fans

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Many thanks to Daryl Surat for coining the term “neo-shonen.”

Go to any anime convention and you’ll see them.  Buying their Gundam Wing and Prince of Tennis doujinshi, squealing over Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, badgering Naruto’s voice actor to say “Sasuke” JUST so they can fuel their yaoi fantasies.

I’m talking, of course, about shonen fangirls.  Yes, shonen.  You see, the genre is really no longer a boys-only club (in fact, most of the boys have continued on to – shudder – moe.  Horrors!)  Why, the most popular manga magazine for girls in Japan is Weekly Shonen Jump (Bleach, Naruto, et cetera.)


Well, maybe there are some other girls out there who, like me, just want a good action/drama/comedy.  But mostly it’s the yaoi fangirls.  Yaoi doujinshi culture and fujoshi (yaoi fans) are becoming so prevalent over in Japan that even Shonen Jump, which used to be the market for no-girls-allowed manga, is cashing in on the trend by adding… certain undercurrents… to their series.  Long meaningful glances between male characters.  Angst to the highest power.  Useless female characters.  HELLO?  CAN WE PLEASE GET TO THE HOLLOW-BASHING/DEATH AND DESTRUCTION/(INSERT OTHER AWESOME PLOT DEVICE HERE) NOW?  ARGHHH!

I can’t say I don’t appreciate a good romantic undertone in my shonen (see: blog header; excessive Uryu/Orihime fangirlism) but not when it’s pointless, goes nowhere, and is only there to pander to the squeeing yaoi hordes.  (See: That Foot Washing Scene In The Death Note Anime.)  This is even worse when the pairing the fans are slashing makes absolutely no canonical sense whatsoever.  Fullmetal Alchemist – the manga, at least – has hardly any such undertones between a certain EXTREMELY popular yaoi pairing, and much more reasonable canon love interests for both.  (Oh-kay, maybe I’m biased on this point, but…)  Yet they still dominate the DeviantArt fanart section for pairings in the series.

Sometimes, I must admit, such pairings do make sense: almost anything by CLAMP will have a pretty great male/male pairing that is seriously UN-HATEABLE (unless we’re talking Seishirou/Subaru, in which case… well… I admit this started OUT great, but then the whole Sakurazuka plotline took over and we found out about Seishirou and AAAARGH) and completely canonical.  Still, the unfounded pairings outweigh the ones that make sense.

I dunno about you, but I’d prefer it if, even if the fangirls must love their yaoi, they didn’t shove it in non-fujoshi’s faces.  (Particularly with their hatred of female characters.  Particularly their hatred of Orihime Inoue.)


So what was the point of this blog entry?  Nothing in particular; I just wanted to get my point across.  I don’t even know what my point was.  Aaaargh.


Top 10… most annoying teen fiction trends

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Straight from my post at the YALSA blog, I bring you…

Top 10 Most Annoying Teen Fiction Trends!

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The Manga (and Anime) Commandments

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Inspired by many, many lists of “shojo/shonen cliches” made by my fellow otaku, I have decided to post my Ten Manga (and Anime) Commandments.  What are these, you ask?  Just ten rules that I think all manga should follow.

1) Thou shalt not have a doormat as thou’s shojo heroine, unless thou intends to change her.  Hot Gimmick, anyone?  (Haven’t read this, but I’ve heard enough about Hatsumi or whatever her name is… *shiver shiver*)  Seriously, we don’t want to read about a totally passive, totally limp girl who just takes whatever s*** is doled out to her.  Even Makino from Boys Over Flowers eventually fell prey to this stupid stereotype (the damn girl almost got killed, like, five times!  Show some backbone like you did in Volume Two!)  Why can’t we have more heroines like, say, Ouran High School Host Club‘s Haruhi?

2) Thou shalt not be overly dramatic in thy lines.  “Bohaha!  I shall defeat you now!  Feel the rumbling of my power!”  Enough of that.  Seriously.  Tone it down a little, okay?  (Kishimoto-san, this means you.)

3) Thou shalt not use overly long spells, also.  I almost threw my copy of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle across the room when everybody started using, like, fifty-word-long spells with dragons in ’em.  This is totally ridiculous, people.  It was bad enough with Rukia’s weird kido at the beginning of Bleach…

4) Thou shalt put in hilarious omake and 4koma.  Arina Tanemura does this brilliantly- her manga is always stuffed with great sidebars, explanations about chapter illustrations, and four-panel comics that nearly always make me bust a gut laughing.  “Yami-nabe!”

5) Thou shalt not go on and on and on and on and on with a series that could have ended earlier and that wasn’t even that great.  Did we really need thirty-plus volumes of Naruto?  NO.  NO WE DIDN’T.  If the library in my town wasn’t so busy ordering volumes of the ever-popular ninja series, we could get some Honey and Clover or something.  Even better, we could subscribe to Yen Press.

6) Thou shalt not write AzuDai yuri (or at least keep it PG.)  This isn’t so much a manga commandment as a fandom/doujin/fanfic commandment.  But I am totally dead serious about this: if anybody dares to smut-ify one of the sweetest series around, ‘specially if Chiyo is involved (she’s eleven!  Jesus, people!)  In other words, don’t do it.  Or the Sleep Is For The Weak people will hunt you down with a big-ass hammer

7) THOU SHALT STOP CASTING JOHNNY YONG BOSCH  Yes, he’s pretty amazing as Ichigo in Bleach, and he’s great as Vash in Trigun.  But from what I hear, he pretty much failed as Lelouch in Code Geass.  I understand that there isn’t exactly a huge amount of voice talent but geez.  Also… Vic Mignona as OHSHC‘s Tamaki?  LOLWUT?  Edward Elric (awesome exploding metallic alchemist angst boy) =/= Tamaki Suoh (spoiled, over-the-top, still extremely awesome rich boy who thinks Haruhi is his daughter).  NEW CHOICE PLEASE.

8] Thou shalt not give every character a FREAKING FOOD OBSESSION!  L and his cake, Mello and his chocolate, Vash and his doughnuts, CC and her pizza, Tohru and riceballs wait, that’s not right 

9) Thou shalt not ever, ever, ever remake FLCL or Hartley and I will run you over with a yellow Vespa.  (Not that I ever heard of such a thing but, hey, you never know.)

10) Thou not make your main characters whiney, depressed emo idiots.  Shinji Ikari, I’m looking at you.  Get some anti-depressants, please?

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