About Me

First things first, I work at a library.

Well, not quite work.  It’s not as if they’re paying me to shelve books, hang around, and drink coffee while discussing the very important matter of Why Are There No Good Female Sci-Fi Novel Characters.  Technically what I do is called volunteering.  I call it job training.

You might have seen me before writing on the YALSA blog about anime, manga, and various other topics that probably bore you to death.  Or it’s possible – but unlikely – that you read my old blog, Katie Cullen Reads (the nickname was given to me by my friend and it stuck.  Yes, I used to like Twilight.  No, I don’t want to talk about it.)  Or, most unlikely of all, you stumbled upon this place from my LiveJournal (hi guys, welcome to the one blog where I didn’t manage to ramble on and on about FmA… oh, wait, never mind.)

I’m a teenage reader who is way too obsessive for her own good and definitely, definitely reads too much (a testament to this: there are at least 50 words that I know the meanings of but just can’t pronounce) and has been an anime and manga fan since the age of eleven, when my friend’s sister showed me some manga she was reading (I think it was Kare Kano.)  From there on, I was hooked.  Currently, I’ve been watching a lot of older anime – ancient by internet standards but really only 20 years old or less – like Cowboy Bebop, and reading a lot of shonen manga, especially Fullmetal Alchemist, which I adore.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at dontpoketherainbowpenguin@yahoo.com.  I’ll try my best to be friendly and at least a bit more normal than I usually am online.  I reserve the right to respond to any and all hate mail with “That’s what she said.”


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