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Quite a few “Best of 08’s” are going around right now, including Manga Life’s, David Welsh’s, and Deb Aoki’s.  So I figure I’ll make one of my own – hopefully it’ll be okay, though it’ll probably make theirs look brilliant by comparison.

Best Shounen: Fullmetal Alchemist came out on top, as it does on nearly all my lists.  It’s one of the most fun, best plotted series I’ve read in a while.  AND it’s got totally kick-ass female characters, too!
(Runner-ups: Bleach, Gin Tama, and Tsubasa)

Best Shojo: I’d like to say Fruits Basket, as a devotee of Natsuki Takaya-san, but it’s kind of dragging lately.  So the big prize goes to Nana, for being a modern EPIC of sex (LOTS of sex), drugs (not really), and rock’n’roll.
(Runner-ups: Fruits Basket, Sand Chronicles, and Honey and Clover)

Best Seinen: A manga about otaku beloved by otaku?  It’s got to win.  For this particular demographic, my favorite I’ve read this year has got to be Kio Shimoku’s Genshiken.  Every time I read a chapter, I about die laughing.
(Runner-ups: xxxHolic, Chobits, Higurashi: When They Cry)

Best Hero: Hands down, this goes to Watanuki Kimihiro of xxxHolic.  He’s adorable when he’s overexcited and flaily, and even more adorable with an eyepatch (or top hat.)   What more could you ask for?  No, seriously, what more?

Best Heroine: Haruhi Suzumiya, of her eponymous anime and manga, is FUNNY AS HELL.  She may also be a total tsundere, a total bitch, and totally obsessive.  But sometimes it’s just laughter that counts.

Best Mascot Character: Sumomo/Plum from Chobits.  She’s a computer!  And a pet!  And an excersize machine!

Worst Manga: It’s a tie between Vampire Knight and Negima!.  The former is a cliched, sparkly Twilight piece of bullshit, and the latter was just pedo nonsense (although I do like Nodoka or whatever her name was.)


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